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We are working remotely during the Covid-19 outbreak

OneSixOne will remain open for business during the Covid 19 outbreak, working remotely with customers and suppliers during this time.

Online meetings are a regular part of working life here using collaboration tools available to conduct them with ease.

We work with whatever tools our clients are most familiar with but generally prefer to use Zoom for online meetings, Google Docs for document sharing and Trello for project management. We are also working with customers to ensure they can do as much of their business as possible using online tools to conduct meetings, sales, workshops and conferences.

The team working tools we regularly use:

Video Conferencing:  Zoom Meetings or WebEx

Document Collaboration: Google Docs

Creative: Adobe Creative Cloud

Large File Transfer/Cloud Storage: Mega or WeTransfer

Project Management: Trello

Remote Access: AnyDesk

When requested we will work with whatever tools clients and suppliers prefer, as long as we deem them to be secure including Skype, DropBox, Office 365, OneDrive and FTP.

If you need help to set up your systems in order to work remotely you can get in touch with us on:+44-116-340-1161 or