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Recommended Plugins

Font Resizer:

WordPress Font Resizer Plugin
This plugin allows you to add one or more font resizer widgets to your site and to give the users the option to change the font size. The plugin acts over jQuery and saves the settings in a cookie – therefore the visitors don’t need to adjust the font size over and over again if they reload the page or browse your website. The plugin comes with a sleek ajax driven option panel which allows you to set the default settings but you can also adjust/change these settings for each widget instance.


WordPress Charts
Create amazing HTML5 charts easily in WordPress. A flexible and lightweight WordPress chart plugin including 6 customizable chart types (line, bar, pie, radar, polar area and doughnut types) as well as a fallback to provide support for older IE. It incorporates the fantastic chart.js script and you can visualise your data in different ways. Each of them animated, fully customisable and look great, even on retina displays.
Chart.js uses the HTML5 canvas element. It supports all modern browsers, and polyfills provide support for IE7/8.


WordPress Charts
Create amazing HTML5 charts easily in WordPress. A flexible and lightweight WordPress chart plugin including 6 customizable chart types (line, bar, pie, radar, polar area and doughnut types) as well as a fallback to provide support for older IE. It incorporates the fantastic chart.js script and you can visualise your data in different ways. Each of them animated, fully customisable and look great, even on retina displays.
Chart.js uses the HTML5 canvas element. It supports all modern browsers, and polyfills provide support for IE7/8.

Google Map Plugin

WP Google Maps
Easy to use google maps plugin. Create custom maps with high quality markers containing locations, descriptions, images and links and directions. Add your customized map to your WordPress posts and/or pages quickly and easily with the supplied shortcode. Perfect for contact pages, coverage maps, etc.

– Create as many map markers as you need by simply typing in the address
– Edit your markers with the click of a button
– Drag markers to an exact location
– Google Maps Streetview supported
– Map can be included as a widget
– Support for localization
– Choose from four Google maps types: roadmap, terrain, satellite and hybrid
– Define your own width, height and zoom level for your Google Map
– Latest Google Maps API (V3)

The Professional Edition comes with additional features:
– Create multiple Google maps!
– Add descriptions, links and images to your Google Map markers.
– Add categories to your map markers
– Mashup multiple Google maps
– Add different marker icons, or your own icons to make your map really stand out!
– Add animations to your markers and let them stand out!
– Allow your visitors to get directions to your markers.
– Add polygons and polylines to your map
– Export your markers to a CSV file for quick editing.

Search Engine Optimization Plugin(s):

WordPress SEO by Yoast
My favorite SEO plugin. It’s free and offers great features like search engine preview field, sitemap generation, etc. – imho it’s great for advanced SEO and integrates well in WP (admin bar, preview field, etc.)

News SEO by Yoast
News SEO plugin is a WordPress SEO extension. The module immediately pings Google on the publication of a new post and because it uses the WordPress SEO plugins’ sitemap API it creates a sitemap on the fly – no waiting times, no long sitemap generation issues. The module allows you to do a bit more advanced News SEO by allowing you to decide whether a specific article should be in the Google News XML feed, specify meta news keywords, set a genre and define stock tickers.

Video SEO by Yoast
Video SEO plugin is a WordPress SEO extension. If you use video’s on your site, in your posts or pages, you don’t want the search results for those pages to look bland like any other result, do you? No, you want them to be video results, so they catch the attention of the searcher more, rank better and thus get you more visitors! This is exactly what the Video SEO for WordPress plugin does for your embedded video’s and slideshow videos! The plugin comes with following features: automatic XML Video Sitemap generation (adding on to the WordPress SEO XML Sitemaps), MediaRSS enhancements to your RSS feed, full support for videoObject markup, snippet previews with the actual video still in them, facebook OpenGraph tags on your video pages, support for many major video platforms, including Youtube, Vimeo, Blip, DailyMotion and others. Please read this post: if you want to use it with our themes.

Local SEO by Yoast
Local SEO plugin is a WordPress SEO extension – it adds following features:
-) KML File and Geo Sitemap generation (these files are needed for Google)
-) Address output in format
-) Showing opening hours (with output)
-) Showing Google maps, including a routeplanner
-) Support for multiple locations
-) CSV upload for multiple locations
These features will make it possible for your website to rank locally and on Google Maps. And because we’re so fond of usability, it can make your contact page look a lot better.

WooCommerce SEO by Yoast
WooCommerce SEO plugin is a WordPress SEO extension. This plugin will make the integration between the WooCommerce & WordPress SEO seamless, while giving you a small set of options to further optimize your site.
– ) It’ll improve the OpenGraph and Twitter Card enhancements you’ve come to love from our SEO plugin, allowing you to register for Product cards on Twitter.
-) It’ll make sure stuff that doesn’t belong in the XML sitemap, doesn’t go in the XML sitemap, and stuff that should be in there, does go into it.
-) It allows you to use the highly configurable breadcrumbs from Yoast SEO over the breadcrumbs from WooCommerce.
-) It allows you to make sure the WooCommerce content block on the edit page is always above the SEO block.

Contact Form Plugins:

Contact Form 7
Very popular and free contact form plugin. It allows you to generate/create advanced forms easily – it supports various input fields including file upload fields It’s my favorite contact form plugin.

Formidable Free Edition & Formidable Pro
Very popular form plugin which is available in a free and pro edition. It offers more features and a better user interface than Contact Form 7. The user interface is similiar to Gravity Forms‘s ui – you can create forms by drag’n’drop the input fields into the “form builder” area. Every form field offers a variety of options (i.e. obligatory field, field size, field calculations, key, label position, input permissions (read only), etc.). The developers categorized the fields in “Basic fields” and “Pro fields” – basic fields arestandard input elements like text fields, textareas, (multiple) select boxes, recaptcha anti spam field, radio buttons, etc. The “pro fields” are “Upload fields”, rich text fields, image fields, number, email, data, scale, webiste, user id, hidden etc.) fields.

A very useful extension is the Formidable Integration extension which allows you to add a subscribe checkbox to your Formidable forms. The subscribe checkbox will appear on the form as you configured it and if ticked/checked upon the submission of the form, the user will be subscribed to a newsletter mailing list automatically. The advantage is that you get new subscribers easily and they don’t need to fill out an additional form first.

E-Commerce Plugins:

WooCommerce – eCommerce plugin for WordPress
WooCommerce is a new ecommerce plugin developed by WooThemes. It’s open source and free and offers a lot of features out of the box. Some extensions add even more features to your store – i.e. popular payment gateways, product enquiry forms, etc.
A list of payment gateway plugins can be found HERE – some very popular services are supported like Google Checkout, PayPal Pro,, 2Checkout Form, eWay or even iDeal by Mollie. A list of all woocommerce extensions can be found HERE.
I tested some plugins with Kriesi’s Abundance theme:
Abundance was created with WooCommerce in mind and the shop integrates perfectly into this theme. Other themes won’t work with WooCommerce out of the box but with some custom work you can integrate it (css and php file modifications). If you’d like to use WooCommerce “out of the box” please go with Abundance, Replete, Flashlight, Propulsion or Enfold.
WooCommerce offers a lot of features and I think it’s useless to list them here because every update introduces new ones. A feature list can be found HERE.

Some very useful WooCommerce extensions are: Order Delivery Plugin (free) & Order Delivery Pro Version (many additional features)WooCommerce Email AttachmentsGroups WooCommerceCatalog Visibility OptionsAffiliate Payments (get 20% discount by using following coupon code: HOTPS20), Wootickets (requires the free Events Calendar plugin), WooCommerce SEO by Yoast.

WooCommerce Booking Plugin:

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin
The WooCommerce Booking Plugin allows you to turn your WooCommerce store into a full-fledged Booking & Reservation system. It can be used for any online bookable service or product. This plugin creates a new block named “Booking” on each product page in your store. You can add a service which is bookable such as a tour then enable it’s booking from this tab.

– Set hotel booking, accommodation, apartment rental type of services
– Set Recurring Weekdays or Specific Dates or both as Booking days
– Add different Time Slots for different booking days
– Add maximum number of bookings permissible per time slot
– Add maximum number of bookings permissible per day
– Set minimal interval between the order & booking date
– Integrates easily with Variable Products of WooCommerce
– Add global & product-specific holidays / blackout days / Exclude days
– Show Booking Calendar in one of 62 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES
– Show Booking Details in the Customer & Admin notification emails
– Option to capture only Booking Date if you are not using Time-based services
– View all bookings on a single page – v 1.4
– Export bookings to csv, pdf, excel formats – v 1.4
– Sync bookings with external calendar applications with the help of ICS files – v 1.4
– Ability to turn on / off booking for selected products
– Show multiple months in calendar
– Easily change the booking field labels and availability messages to be shown to customers on your website
– Choose from 24 different themes for the booking calendar
– Booking date & time is displayed in Order details page
– When an order is “Cancelled”, the dates & timeslots that were booked for that order will be available for making further bookings.

Your Booking Process is FULLY INTEGRATED with WooCommerce
– Works with WooCommerce Variations
– Avoid overbooking & underbooking automatically, without any manual intervention.
– Easily calculate the precise count at all times of the number of bookings for any particular date / time slot

Membership Plugins:

Groups – User membership management
Groups is a WordPress plugin that provides group-based user membership management, group-based capabilities and group-based content access control. It integrates standard WordPress capabilities and application-specific capabilities along with an extensive API.

Feature Overview:

Users: Supports an unlimited number of groups; Provides a Registered group which is automatically maintained and the users can be assigned to any group; Users are added automatically to the Registered group

Groups hierarchy: Supports group hierarchies with capability inheritance

Group capabilities: Integrates standard WordPress capabilities which can be assigned to groups and users; Supports custom capabilities: allows to define new capabilities for usage in plugins and web applications

Access control: Built-in access control that allows to restrict access to posts, pages and custom content types to specific groups and users only; control access to content by groups: shortcodes allow to control who can access content on posts, show parts to members of certain groups or to those who are not members Shortcodes: , ; control access to content by capabilities: show (or do not show) content to users who have certain capabilities Shortcodes: ,

Multisite: All features are supported independently for each blog in multisite installations

There two paid extensions available:

1) Groups File Access: Groups File Access is an extension that allows to provide file download links for authorized users. Access to files is restricted to users by their group membership.

2) Groups WooCommerce: Groups for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell memberships.

Very popular membership plugin. With WP-Member, you can create unlimited membership levels and subscription packages to suit the needs of your membership site. The protected download feature lets you easily create a download and then instantly make it available to all users of specific membership levels. The download button shortcode generator can be used to insert a custom download button for any protected download content into a WordPress page or post.

WP-Member can protect any WordPress post, page, custom post type, taxonomy, or entire category, granting access to only the Membership Levels you specify. Any inline content can be protected using shortcodes, so that guest visitors or users without the proper access level can see the rest of the post or the teaser content but not a specific protected portion.

Create simple or highly complex custom registration forms quickly and easily to gather all the data you need from new members as they register. Custom fields may be added to the registration form as single line text inputs, checkboxes, drop downs, large text areas, date pickers, radio buttons and more. Easily protect bbPress forums and control access to read or post to forums based on membership levels.
WP-Member adds a custom metabox to all bbPress forums that can be used for restricting access to bbPress forums and setting the forum posting permissions.

S2 Member
Very popular membership plugin. It allows you to create up to 4 membership levels in the free version and different classes of memberships (free, premium, etc.). The pro module allows you to create unlimited membership levels and adds an paypal pro gateway option. Paypal Pro makes it possible to integrate the whole payment process in your website – the user doesn’t need to leave your website. You can assign “Custom Capabilities” to each level and depending on your membership options this may requires manual work (shortcode scripting, etc.). S2members is a great alternative to e-member and is very user friendly. The free verson is extremely powerful and the support in the support forum (or via mail) is great.

There’s also a pro version available which allows you to integrate the whole payment process in your website and the user doesn’t need to leave your website. You can also create unlimited membership levels: s2Member Pro

You can add affiliate payments to your s2members website by using: Affiliates Pro (get 20% discount by using following coupon code: HOTPS20).

Advertising plugin(s):

This plugin helps you to sell all forms of text ads, banner ads, and paid reviews on your website. You can simply display ads on any website you like using php or javascript.
The great thing is that OIOpublisher is a not only a wordpress plugin but also a standalone platform – it enables you to use this tool on any website. If you use it with wordpress it will install like a standard plugin and the client panel will integrate perfectly fine into any wordpress theme (you can use a standalone panel too if you like). However you can also use it on any static html website because of the standalone platform feature.
The plugin enables you to create as many ad zones as you like and you can select the number of banners per ad zone, price per ad banner and the payment methode (eg price for XX days or price for XX clicks, etc.). It’s also possible to rotate ads or to show the banners by using widgets or to insert it anywhere you like with a php function call.

OIOpublisher supports several payment gateways and you can even build up an affiliate system with it. Clients who are interested in buying ad spaces for their banners simply go to a page where they can upload their banner, insert the url to the website they want to link to, choose an ad zone of their choice and pay you by using PayPal or another (supported) gateway. Afterwards OIOpublisher will publish the advertising automatically and you don’t need to do anything else.

Affiliate plugin(s):

Affiliates Pro for s2Members and WooCommerce

Affilates Pro is a professional affiliate platform which can be considered as very flexible. Integration with virtually any E-Commerce platform. It integrates well into several popular membership and e-commerce plugins. Among them S2members, WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce. Referrals and affiliate link statistics are recorded and available instantly, as transactions are processed.
You can add unlimited affiliates and affiliates can sign up automatically and can also be added manually with or without user accounts. Referral amounts can be flat rates, percentage of net sales amounts and based on custom formulas and you can create dedicated affiliate area pages which are showing affiliates their stats, banners, links, profile. The plugin allows you to make PayPal mass payments which means that you simply pay your affiliates all at once. Pay-outs can be based on accumulated totals.
The standard affiliates plugin is free and open source. If you want to use it, simply install it from your WordPress Dashboard or download it from Affiliates Pro offers additional features.

s2Members Integration

The integration provides all the features of the Affiliates Pro plugin, plus:

-) Affiliate referrals are created automatically when a member makes a payment.
-) Support for recurring payments, if you continue to pay your affiliates for recurring subscription payments, the corresponding referrals are created automatically for the initial affiliate.
-) Refunds and reversed payments can automatically reject referrals.
-) Notifications are sent to the site administrator when a new referral has been granted.
-) Affiliates are notified of new referrals.
-) Automatically handles s2Member API Notifications – there is no need to set up notification URLs manually for payment or refund/reversal notifications.

WooCommerce Integration

The integration provides all the features of the Affiliates Pro plugin, plus:

Affiliates Pro automates referral handling with respect to the order status. It will react to changes in order status and adjust the referral status accordingly. Eg it will cancel affiliate payments if the order status is set to cancelled, etc.
Affiliates Pro will add a dedicated option page for WooCommerce specific settings which allows you to configure the behaviour for each order status, affiliate sale, etc.

Review Plugins:

My Review Plugin
Allow users to easily rate products, posts and contribute their own reviews through your comment box. When posting a comment, users will be shown an easy-to-use “star rating form” with the rating fields you have specified. You can specify different rating sections for each post or mass-add rating categories to categories, authors or other criteria. For example, you may want to have one post (or category) that allows users to rate on “Overall,” “Price” and “Support,” and another category which allows users to rate on “Overall,” “Power” and “Build Quality.” Or you can allow users to see ratings as specified by the editor. Also, you can specify rating categories to be “editor’s only”, meaning users won’t be asked to rate them: this is a great way for editor’s to provide a detailed analysis, while keeping your site simple and navigable for users.
If 5-star ratings doesn’t fit the content you’re rating, MyReviewPlugin offers other rating types. Letter grades, percentage (out of 100), pass/fail and 10-star ratings are all available with just a click of a mouse. Plus they can all be converted back to 5-star ratings for use in average calculations and tables.
You can order posts chronologicallyor by most (or least) popular, highest (or lowest) rated, Bayesian weightings (see below), popularity or our weighted smart sorting system. You can add custom fields to show and compare information such as price, technical requirements, file size, sizes, etc. in the custom data table.
Comparison tables can be embedded on any page(s) and can be configured in the administration area to specify which fields, which rating categories and even the overall appearance of the table. Included are horizontal and vertical comparison tables.

There are many additional features like: Google Maps integration, explanation tooltips, seo friendly code and microformats, bonus plugins, etc.

Comment Plugins:

Ajaxified Comments
AJAX enabled commenting based on the jQuery framework. This plugin will hook into the comments form and posts the user comments the AJAX way without reloading the whole page. I really like this plugin because it integrates the comments form/sending process perfectly into Kriesi’s themes. The error messages won’t be displayed on an ugly extra page anymore and the comments appear without a page refresh. The sending & loading process is indicated by an ajax icon which pops up next to the “submit” button. The plugin adds a 2kb jquery script to your website – however during my test I didn’t notice longer loading times.

Post/Page/Content/Image Plugins:

TinyMCE Ultimate & TinyMCE Ultimate Pro
Ultimate TinyMCE will add over 40 new buttons to the default visual tinymce editor, giving you the power to visually create your pages and posts. No need for mucking about in HTML and CSS.

-) Easily manipulate your fonts, font sizes, colors, styles, and css from a graphical user interface.
-) Create tables through a grahical interface (much like microsoft excel) to display your data.
-) Insert YouTube videos by simply copying and pasting the share url.
-) Graphical Image Mapping to make your images more exciting.
-) Ultimate Tinymce will add more than 30 new buttons and features to your visual editor.

Pretty Link Free & Pretty Link Pro
Shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website. Unlike other link shrinking services like tinyurl, budurl, and, this plugin allows you to create shortlinks coming from your own domain. It’s very helpful if you’d like to shorten long urls (i.e. with php parameters, etc.) or if you’d like to convert useless into meaningful urls. Pretty Links can help you a lot to imrove your seo.

It helps you to mask affiliate link if you like and/or to sort, organize, group the links or to export & import them. Pretty Link tracks each hit on your URL and provides a full, detailed report of where the hit came from, the browser, os and host. You’ll also have full control over how all of your links look and you’ll be able to track all kinds of data about them. You can also choose between different redirection types.

Pretty Link Pro offers another great function – it can search through your entire site and replace keywords with your (affiliate) links. This can safe you a lot of time.

The plugin also allows you to put a customizable bar at the top of any of your links that will showcase your website and branding, and allow them to re-tweet the link.

NextGen Gallery
Very popular and powerful photo gallery plugin. It allows you to create as many image galleries (and albums) as you like and it comes with a drag’n’drop bulk uploader. With this plugin it’s easy to handle galleries, thumbnail generation, watermarks, image cropping, etc.
It’s free and open source.

You can also purchase a “pro extension” for Nextgen: NextGen Pro. NextGEN Pro offers 6 new gallery displays, including Pro Masonry, Pro Filmstrip, Pro Film, Pro Thumbnail Grid, Pro Slideshow, and Pro Blogstyle galleries. It also includes a responsive, fullscreen, mobile-friendly Pro Lightbox with commenting and social sharing for individual images within galleries. Note that we did not test all these features with our themes yet and some may not work properly…

Also see:

Content Slider/Image Slider/Accordion Plugins:

SlideDeck 2
Very popular content slider which offers a lot of possibilities to organize any type of web content into beautiful and innovative sliders.

Slidedeck integrates well in WP – you can create as many sliders as you like. SlideDeck 2 is built with your pre-existing content in mind. Easily connect to your favorite sources and quickly create beautiful SlideDecks. Use Lenses to place a layer of beautiful design over your content: The Lenses in SlideDeck 2 allow for tremendous customization while maintaining a high level of usability.

Customizable Covers allow you to make a big first impression with your SlideDeck – and finish with a strong call-to-action. Overlays allow users to share links to your SlideDecks, with additional Content Source-specific functionality on the way. You can also see your changes on-the-fly. Live Previews from within the WordPress admin means that you can see the changes to your SlideDeck in real-time without endless “saving & previewing.”

Some other features are: intuitive admin interface with js/ajax, very flexible when it comes to slider sizes, Google Fonts support, several shortcodes, touch & keyboard interaction, slide transitions, color options and free automatic updates.

Maintenance & performance plugins:

W3 Total Cache
Helps you to speed up your site and to decrease the loading times. Very popular and free.

Regenerate Thumbnails
Very useful plugin if you change the thumbnail dimensions. It will regenerate all uploaded WP images based on your new settings.

Search and Replace
Helps you to search and replace words and text strings in your database. Very useful if you i.e. changed your company name or domain and you want to batch replace all occurrences with a new text.

WP MIGRATE DB or WP DB Migrate Free
Great tool to transfer databases from one server to another.

Forum Plugins:

Very popular free forum made by WP developers. They’re working on a wordpress plugin (already in beta). The forum doesn’t offer many features out of the box but it’s resource friendly, it loads fast, it’s user friendly and can be extended by various plugins. If you aren’t in a hurry I’d wait until the final version is released.

Simple Press
Very popular free forum plugin. It doesn’t load as fast as bbpress but it comes with more options and features (see ) and it’s a great tool if you want to build complex forum or community websites. I’d recommend to use the standard skin with the “minimalist” overlay – this skin integrates very well into our theme styles.

Newsletter Plugins:

Tribulant Newsletter Plugin
Very powerful and feature rich newsletter plugin. It offers tons of features – among them comment notifications, post subscriptions with user lists support and of course a newsletter function for custom newsletter composing. You can even create and import your own email themes/templates and create several email/subscription lists which help you to write emails to certain users or target group only. The standard email templates look great and display correct in most email clients. Another great feature is the paid subscription feature which allows you to sell subscriptions by using popular gateways like PayPal and 2CheckOut. The support is very responsive and quick and the plugin is fair priced.

The user interface is very user friendly (especially compared to plugins like MailPress) and the setup can be done quick and easy and it integrates well in Kriesis themes. It offers an ajax subscription widget and a widget without javascript/ajax function. You can import your wordpress users and add them to mailing lists and you can activate an “auto” subscription or subscription checkbox for newly registered users and the user registration form.

Other features: autoresponders, smtp support, WordPress MU compatible, custom fields for additional user information (birthdays, profession, etc.), newsletter scheduler, email tracking, etc.

A really useful extension is the Embedded Images Extension which enables you to attach/embed images into emails instead of loading them remotely. With regular HTML emails, images are loaded via HTTP from a remote location as the source of the image into the email or webmail client. These images are usually blocked until allowed/shown by the user and even then, the images take some time to load into the email from the remote source.

In the contrary, the embedded images extension will scan each outgoing newsletter for images and attach the images to the email, embedding them into the content. The advantages of sending emails this way is that it prevents image disabling in email and webmail clients, images load immediately as the email is opened by the user and all emails are cross-client compatible.

Another very useful extension is the Formidable Integration extension which allows you to add a subscribe checkbox to your Formidable forms. The subscribe checkbox will appear on the form as you configured it and if ticked/checked upon the submission of the form, the user will be subscribed to a newsletter mailing list automatically. The advantage is that you get new subscribers easily and they don’t need to fill out an additional form first.

Widget Plugins:

Widget Logic
This plugin helps you to add widget to specific pages/posts only. Very powerful and free.

Display Widgets
Show or hide widget areas on specific pages. Very powerful and free.

Multilanguage / Language Plugins:

WPML – WordPress Multilanguage Plugin
The plugin makes it easy to run a multilingual website with a single WordPress install. Choose languages for your site and start translating content. By default ir comes with over 40 languages but you can add your own language too.

It comes with great translation management. You can turn ordinary WordPress users into “translators”. Translators can access only specific translation jobs which Editors assign to them. WPML sends notification emails, provides a translation management screen, a jobs-queue and side-by-side translation editor. The plugin frees you from the hassle of editing PO files and uploading MO files. You can translate texts in other plugins and in Admin screens directly from the String Translation interface.

You’ll see where the texts come from both in the code and in the site and translate right from within the WordPress Admin panel.

When visitors leave comments in languages that you don’t speak, WPML automatically uses machine translation to help you read them.

You can reply in your language and use human translation before your comments are published – all fully automated.

Translation Tools/Plugins:

Codestyling Localization
You can manage and edit all gettext translation files (.po/.mo) directly out of your WordPress Admin Center without any need of an external editor. It automatically detects the gettext ready components like WordPress itself or any Plugin / Theme supporting gettext. Many users prefer this plugin over Poedit.

Poedit is cross-platform gettext catalogs (.po files) editor. It can run on many platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) and it’s easy to translate po/mo files with it. It’s a tool and not a wordpress plugin. Many users prefer the Codestyling Localization plugin instead.

Social Bookmark Plugins:

Popular social bookmark plugin. It supports many social sharing services.

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