Yellow Box Wifi

Quick, hassle free internet access where and when you need it.

YellowboxWiFi required branding and a new internet presence to assist in the launch of their new product. A mobile WiFi booster then enables fast cellular data links almost anywhere.

The use of a strong, rugged colour identity and rugged approach to their logo reflects the product and the environments it can be used in.

The message of what the product is, where it can be used and how to get one is conveyed through carefully crafted copy and photographic illustration throughout the website.

A strong social media presence for this product is reflected in the extra large social media icons in the page footer.

Website Address

Website Features

  • Mobile Friendly (Responsive)
    The design adapts to look great on any device
  • Single page 
    As a mobile first website the use of a single page avoids the need for a menu and allows the user to scroll through the content allowing for a convincing narrative.
  • Top Jump Menu
    Provided for users who don’t automatically scroll the page the links on the menu jump the user to the relevant section of the page.
  • Pricing Tables 
    Presenting price information in a clear and mobile friendly manner.
  • Prominent Social Media Links
    To illustrate the companies strong Social Media presence.
  • Contact Form / Page

Content Services

  • Product photography
    Studio photographs for use on the website and other promotional items.
  • Location photography
    Of suitable locations for the product with and without the product in use.
  • Stock photography
    Occasional use of stock photography was sourced to fit the style of the bespoke images.
  • Copy editing
    The excellent copy supplied to us was tweaked on occasion to help with the narrative.

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