The Personal Fitness Company

The Personal Fitness Company

Providing Personal Trainers and Fitness Classes throughout Leicestershire and the Midlands.

The Personal Fitness Company needed a fresh looking website which could be easily updated with revised class times, prices, locations and trainers.

They needed to provide details of what the classes involve or how to start with a personal trainer.

Testimonials on the website provide evidence of the achievements and positive strides that individuals have made with the Personal Fitness Company.

Social networking links, contact forms, email and telephone links all mean that it is easy to contact them.

Website Address

Website Features

  • Mobile Friendly (Responsive)
    The design adapts to look great on any device
  • Side navigation
    This is useful for longer menu descriptions and sticks to the left of the page as you scroll
    On mobiles this becomes a top menu to make the most of the screen space available
  • Testimonials
    Selected from the many submitted
  • Timetables
    Class schedules in mobile friendly tables
  • Location maps
    Powered by Google Maps, easily added and amended to show where classes are held
  • Class details and video
  • Contact Form / Page

Content Services

  • On site photography
    Permission was granted by class and gym attendees for one day to photograph throughout. During this time we captured all of the cameo images and featured images for the site.
  • Supplied photography
    We were able to incorporate some existing photographs. Mainly the bootcamp pictures (outdoors)
  • Stock photography
    The Pilates class was so new when we developed the site we had to source a stock photograph. It can be tricky to find ones that aren’t staged. Fortunately we have so many sources for different types of stock photogrpahy that we were able to find one.
  • Video integration
    We were supplied with a decent video for the kettlebells class. Rather than run it in a small frame on the page we took the sound off and set it as a full screen video near the bottom of the page (you scroll down to reach it). This has a powerful effect. Kettlercise is an explosive exercise class and the almost incidental video underlines this.

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