Polishook Piano

Polishook Piano

Jazz and classical pianist and tutor.

Mark Polishook is a world class improvisational jazz pianist and master class tutor.

An exciting existing element of Mark’s marketing materials is his Blog. He has, over the years written a number of enlightening articles and these have been re-purposed as a route to find out about the services Mark can offer.

The website copy has been written to gently assure visitors of his abilities.  The colours have been chosen to suggest Piano and his logo was developed to reflect music of both jazz and classical styles.

Photography is kept minimal but striking and intentional for the narrative.

Website Address

Website Features

  • Mobile Friendly (Responsive)
    The design adapts to look great on any device
  • Conversion Page as Homepage 
    All the information you need to gather and get in contact is available on the homepage. Marks Testimonials page, About Mark and Blog act as supporting pages.
  • Blog
    Mark is able to publish a significant number of blog articles making this a strong area of the site.
  • Pricing Tables 
    Presenting price information in a clear and mobile friendly manner.
  • Testimonials
    With many to choose to read.
  • Contact Form and Map within Footer
    Making it easy to get in contact with Mark from any page or blog post.

Content Services

  • Logo design
  • Colour study
    To employ the minimalist, classical style with subtelty.
  • Portrait photography
    Of Mark working and playing the piano.
  • Location photography
    Portrait photography done on location in Mark’s music studio.
  • Stock photography
    Subtle use of stock photographs where required.
  • Video Creation
    Including recording and use of bespoke musical soundtrack.
  • Copy writing
    Website copy is handled by onesixone and blog articles are written by the client, Mark.

Recent Projects