The Grassy Shire, Farm, Butcher and Food Supplier, Leicestershire

Ecommerce Design and Development

Oli and Rebecca run their farm in Slawston near Market Harborough and approached me to examine a suitable e-commerce site to sell their produce. They had already had work done on a new logo and we arrived at a design that complemented the artisanal look they were searching for.

Websites selling cuts of meat rely on appealing photography and so I designed a style and method of capture that they could manage themselves as new products were added. The method uses natural light by placing the products on an old kitchen table in the doorway of a barn. Taken with an iPhone and processed using Pixlr free edition. No studio equipment is required and the pictures can be taken in any weather in the shelter of the barn. Also whilst visiting the farm I was able to capture cameo shots of the area, livestock and the family to use throughout the site.

Like many farms, there are secondary activities and we included these on the site as additional pages explaining Oli’s Farm Consultancy and the Pop Up Camping facility the Lees run throughout August each year.

The food from the farm is delicious and Oli and Rebecca are delightful. I advise anyone to check out their produce.

The Grassy Shire

Website Features

Introduce yourself and your team to your website visitors. This helps to create a human face and increase trust in your organisation. It also provides a further opportunity to state your message.

Any of these are a good thing for your website. If you have the capacity to create them, or we can create them for you. They add valuable content to your site and can be used very effectively with keyword analysis to generate hits from search engines which gives you more chances of a conversion. Whether they are DIY or from our agency we can design a strategy for your output.

If you need to make changes or updates to your website on a regular basis, we can help. We integrate content management tools into your website to make it easy to use. Additionally, we offer training and support, including video tutorials to help you get the hang of it.

So you have impressed you’re website visitors and they want to get in touch. A simple, on page form provides the opportunity for them to do that right away.

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If you have a product that can’t easily be found elsewhere online then your own eCommerce website will allow you to easily and effectively sell your products through your website. We will design and build your catalogue, set up your payments and delivery options, and support and train you or your operators.

Whether you have one location for your business, or many locations, you usually want yo make it easy for people to find you. For a multi location organisation a method of managing all of your Google Maps, Addresses and Contact Details can be built right into WordPress, making all of this as simple as can be.

It’s never too soon to start gathering the email addresses of visitors who have engaged with your site. Even if you don’t intend to use them right away. Subtle sign-up forms or bright and engaging pop-ups can be employed to get those precious details. When ready we can design your email campaign or work with what you are already using.

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