Supaseal, Industrial Supplies, Leicestershire

Website Redesign & WordPress Development

When Supaseal got in touch they explained that they already had a comprehensive website of their product catalogue but it was beginning to look quite dated and most importantly lacked mobile-friendly design and responsive features on different devices. I thought it best to take a look at their business in a little more detail and visited the premises taking the opportunity for an in-depth meeting with the business leaders and staff. We were able to identify further purposes for their website including their ability to distribute their product data sheets via download from the website, reducing staff overheads on this task alone.

The products on the website had never been professionally photographed and so I included a studio shoot of all products in their proposal.

Once accepted I got to work arranging the photographs and designing the site. Technical sites benefit from clarity above all else, making this a very straightforward design task. I put together a clear and simple product catalogue using good photography, technical type styles, corporate colours and supporting information.

Building the site on WordPress allows us to add to the site with ease in the future and provides the perfect system for a bespoke design with content management for the catalogue and digital downloads management for datasheets whilst reflecting the Supaseal values of clear information, high quality and great product support.


Website Features

Perhaps you wish to encourage new leads by offering a free download in return for a visitors contact details? Or you have a lot of printable technical information that customers would like to download. You can handle all of these with WordPress, making the process of managing, adding and updating these as simple as possible. If you want to sell these downloads, we can do that too by adding eCommerce functionality.

If you need to make changes or updates to your website on a regular basis, we can help. We integrate content management tools into your website to make it easy to use. Additionally, we offer training and support, including video tutorials to help you get the hang of it.

So you have impressed you’re website visitors and they want to get in touch. A simple, on page form provides the opportunity for them to do that right away.

Even if you are not actively selling on your website you might want a product catalogue or a portfolio of projects you have produced to make your audience aware of them. From simple galleries to browse able, filter able product archives with images text, drawings and option tables.

Your website tells a story. Whatever form that comes in. The actual content, which is, images, text, illustrations and videos must be created or already exist. We will always examine what is necessary and where it will come from. Equipped with the content we need, even if it means we create it for you, we can tell your story on your website.

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