Mark Polishook, Masterclass Pianist, Maine USA

Bespoke Wordpress Website & Blog

Mark Polishook is a master musician and teacher of global renown, particularly within the world of  Improvised Jazz. Mark loves to teach and is usually keen to do a bit more.

When he approached us to look at developing a site we discovered that he was a very keen blogger, writing in-depth articles about his world and this gave us the cue for a site that attracted visitors to his blog who could then convert into his pupils.

With clients around the world, often taught over Skype, the addition of e-commerce facilities to allow them to purchase lessons and blocks of lessons with ease has proved to be invaluable.

Mark Polishook

Website Features

Introduce yourself and your team to your website visitors. This helps to create a human face and increase trust in your organisation. It also provides a further opportunity to state your message.

Any of these are a good thing for your website. If you have the capacity to create them, or we can create them for you. They add valuable content to your site and can be used very effectively with keyword analysis to generate hits from search engines which gives you more chances of a conversion. Whether they are DIY or from our agency we can design a strategy for your output.

If you regularly want to add to or edit parts or all of your website, you can. We build content management into your website, making it as easy to use. We can then provide training and support including video to remind you how to do it all.

So you have impressed you’re website visitors and they want to get in touch. A simple, on page form provides the opportunity for them to do that right away.

You can build your social, website and online profile with social media links on your website. Big and bold or modest and discreet, to build your community. If you are adding news, product or articles regularly we can add sharing buttons for you or your visitors to add them to favourite social networks with ease, and if it really works for you we can embed your Facebook page or Instagram pictures right into your website.

It’s never too soon to start gathering the email addresses of visitors who have engaged with your site. Even if you don’t intend to use them right away. Subtle sign-up forms or bright and engaging pop-ups can be employed to get those precious details. When ready we can design your email campaign or work with what you are already using.

Your website needs to create a level of trust in the content and your message. One of the best ways to do this is to include testimonials from other customers on your website. We tend to encourage our clients to court reviews from around the web, on Facebook, Google, Trust pilot etc. And will also build self-managed reviews, testimonials and a method of managing them right into their own website.

Used well, video can convey a great deal of information in a short amount of time. Ideal for product explanations, perfect for tours. Your videos, or videos we create for you can be added to your website to tell your story.

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